The people making COVID‑19 vaccines need them as much as we all do

Across the globe, a team of people have been working around the clock to develop and manufacture the vaccines that will help protect us from COVID-19. They don’t just want the vaccines for their families, they want them for the world.

We need COVID-19 vaccines to help make the world safer for our families and for yours.

People who work within the biopharmaceutical industry have been affected by the global pandemic in many of the same ways that everyone else has. They’ve had to deal with loss, balancing work and homeschooling while also supporting family members, parents and friends in unexpected ways. All the while working to help advance science and bring COVID-19 vaccines into the world.

Hear their stories

Do you have questions about
COVID-19 vaccines?

There is so much information available on COVID-19 vaccines. It’s understandable that you might be confused. We’ve collated questions and answers from trusted medical and scientific sources.

COVID-19 vaccines FAQs

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