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Vaccines for life

What we’ve seen vaccines do is amazing, but even more incredible is what we may never have to see.

Vaccines can help make a better life possible for everyone

Vaccines are helping people of all ages to avoid dangerous infections, protecting communities from fast-spreading outbreaks and helping to keep us from losing those we love.

What vaccines have achieved

Vaccines have been so successful that in many countries very few people can remember the harmful impact of previously common diseases, such as polio or smallpox. Today they continue to help prevent serious illness and save lives around the world.

Future potential of vaccines

Vaccines give us hope that we can prevent even more diseases and overcome some of the biggest health threats facing our world today. That’s why the biopharmaceutical industry continues to develop new and improved vaccines and vaccine technology.

Protection at every stage of life

Vaccines can help protect you and your family from over 30 different infectious diseases - not just in childhood, but at every age and stage of life. The more people who are vaccinated, the more everyone in the community benefits. When a high number of people in a community are vaccinated, it can prevent outbreaks and slow or even stop diseases from spreading. Getting vaccinated throughout our lives can lead to healthier, more productive, and longer lives. Prevention helps lower healthcare costs, which allows health systems to work better and for longer.

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