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COVID-19 vaccines are working

In countries where people are getting vaccinated, hospital stays and deaths have fallen significantly.


They meet rigorous safety standards

You don't have to take our word for it. Governments, independent regulatory bodies and scientists in different countries check all the clinical trial results again and again before authorising the vaccines for use.


The people making them want to get vaccinated

And if they didn't think they were safe and effective, they wouldn't be encouraging their families and friends to get vaccinated too.


You have a higher chance of being struck by lightning

Evidence shows that you have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning than having an unexpected serious medical problem after vaccination.


They help protect you

Getting vaccinated can give you strong immunity, which helps protect you and others around you.


They're not just for the elderly or vulnerable

The world needs younger people to get vaccinated as well. We can all play our part to stop the spread of COVID-19, no matter how young or old we are.


We need them

COVID-19 vaccines won't just help end the pandemic. They'll help us see our families again. They'll help us hug each other again.


Experience is their most important ingredient

Thousands of experienced and skilled scientists worked together in new ways to develop and make the authorised COVID-19 vaccines.


They're extraordinary

You're right if you think creating a vaccine this quickly isn’t the norm - it’s an extraordinary feat.


They're being checked every day

To ensure the vaccines are working well, health authorities from around the world continually check for reports for any problems.


The benefits of vaccination far outweigh any possible risks

Remember, vaccines have a proven history of working very well. They have been saving lives for the last 200 years and have eradicated some of the world's most deadly diseases.


You can help protect others

Even if you think you are not at high risk of getting COVID-19, by getting vaccinated you can help protect others who are. So, if you love your gran, or your friend with diabetes, think of them.


We're working hard to make sure nobody is left behind

The biopharmaceutical industry is committed to making sure everyone who needs the vaccines can get them.


They've been tried and tested

They have been proven by scientists to be safe and effective. Hundreds of thousands of people of different ages, genders and races from all over the world took part in clinical trials to prove this.


Making a vaccine is not like making a cake

Vaccines are complex biological products. It takes highly skilled people, specialised partners, facilities and quality ingredients to make them.


The most common side effects are mild and temporary

It’s common to have mild side effects, such as a sore arm, when you get a vaccine. This is because your immune system is learning how to protect itself.


Make sure you’re getting scientific facts

There’s a lot of misinformation online that is not based on science. Make sure you get your answers from trusted and credible sources and not someone trying to go viral on social media.


They'll help stop the virus mutating

The more people who get vaccinated, the less likely people will get sick from COVID-19. Getting vaccinated helps slow the spread of the virus and stop it from changing into more dangerous variants.


They’re helping us get back to normal

We need the protection COVID-19 vaccines give to help everyone get back to work and grow our economies again.

Do you have questions about COVID-19 vaccines?

There is so much information available on COVID-19 vaccines. It’s understandable that you might be confused. We’ve collated questions and answers from trusted medical and scientific sources.