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There is light at the end of the tunnel. Watch the stories of the people working to develop the COVID-19 vaccines and learn how their lives have been affected by the pandemic.


Vaccines Global Clinical Development


I’m an infectious disease physician, so I understand the process of vaccine development and trust the science. At every step, the work goes through rigorous research and development processes.


COVID-19 Vaccines Global Scientist


I’m one of the scientists who is working on developing the vaccines, and seeing my best friend suffer has made me want to find a way to prevent the disease as soon as possible.


COVID-19 Vaccines Manufacturing


I’m one of the people responsible for manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccines. My colleagues and I are working day and night to make the vaccines we so urgently need.


COVID-19 Vaccines Medical Affairs

South Africa

I’m putting my hope in the vaccines because they’re the best way to protect me and the people I love.


Vaccines Global Clinical Development


I’m just like anybody else. I want my kids to get back to normal life - to see their friends and to get back to their hobbies.


Vaccine Public Policy in Emerging Markets


This pandemic has made me realise how vulnerable we all are. It’s taking a huge amount of planning to make sure that those who need the vaccines most can get them, wherever they might live.

COVID-19 vaccines. We need them to be safe for our families, for yours and for all of us.

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