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I'm Katrin.

The past year has been far from normal. My husband and I have been working from home during the pandemic, and we’ve shared responsibility for home schooling our children. Looking after our kids in the morning, then doing my work calls in the afternoons and evenings has been tough.

When schools closed, I felt guilty that my kids were spending too much time on tablets and watching television, but I know we’re all doing our best.

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I worry about my parents, who are both over 80. My mother had heart surgery last year. I used to see her every other week, but due to the pandemic, I couldn’t see her for many weeks. It’s been hard for me, but even harder for my parents not to see their grandchildren who they love very much and who keep them active. As COVID-19 vaccines become available and as more and more people get vaccinated, I hope I will be able to be there for my parents again.

I work in research and development. My team is involved in the science behind the development of new vaccine candidates. Everyone on my team has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us know someone who has been sick. We’ve all struggled in our own ways, and we all have a personal story that motivates our work.

We all want our kids – and families everywhere – to get back to normal. That’s why we’ve been working around the clock to advance the science of COVID-19 vaccines. We trust that the hard work will get us one step closer to ending the pandemic.

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