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I'm Barbara.

I had a baby just after the start of the pandemic. I wasn’t able to see a doctor for months, which was a huge worry, especially as I did not know how the COVID-19 virus could affect young children. When I got back to work, it made me more determined to help in the fight against COVID-19. I wanted to do everything I could to help people get back to living their lives without fear.

I work in vaccine public policy for Africa, which means I’ve seen first-hand the difference that vaccines can make, especially in the poorer countries of the world where vaccines are helping to protect future generations from infectious diseases.

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We have a lot of experience in using vaccines to fight deadly infectious diseases, end suffering and save millions of lives. I’m glad I can help ensure we get the COVID-19 vaccines to the people who need them, no matter where they live.

A lot of people ask me how scientists have been able to develop COVID-19 vaccines so quickly without compromising on safety and effectiveness. Just because COVID-19 vaccines were developed and made more rapidly than other vaccines, it doesn’t mean corners have been cut. We are building on decades of experience, advances in technology, and unprecedented collaboration to get these vaccines made, without compromising on safety.

And we have to remember that all the people working on COVID-19 vaccines – scientists, health authorities, and the people making them – want a vaccine that can help protect us too, wherever we live. No one should be left behind.

Because we all want to end the suffering and get back to normal. And vaccines are our best chance to do that.

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