Patrick's story

Vaccines ScientistFrance

I'm Patrick.

I work in research and development, in the non-clinical department. Which means that I look at the safety of the vaccines before the trials even start.

I say I have three caps – I define what is needed to keep people safe; I monitor our studies and make sure we create a safe methodology; I prepare regulatory documents and answer questions from health authorities.

It's so important to me that we create a safe and effective vaccine because my family has been badly affected by the disease.

Both my elderly uncles got Covid. During the first spike, my uncle was in a coma for a couple of weeks. He had serious complications, and even had to have surgery, and receive skin implants on the side of his cheeks. During the second spike, his brother got sick, and ended up in hospital on a respirator. I’m so glad my uncles have recovered, but I’ve seen the devastating impact that Covid has had on families firsthand.

As a consequence, my parents are very afraid of the disease. They didn’t want to spend Christmas together because they are elderly, and at risk. This is the first time we’ve ever spent Christmas apart.

Everyone in my team is working hard to produce the vaccines quickly, so we can protect people like my uncle. And no resource has been spared. We’ve been able to hire more people. We have teams in different time zones working around the clock. And the regulators have found ways to respond quickly to our data, without cutting any corners. We’ve done our best to get the vaccines out safely – so now we need people to make sure they get them.

By taking the vaccines, you won’t just be protecting yourself, you’ll be helping to protect all the vulnerable people like my uncles and parents too.

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